United College Records

Archives and Records Centre

The following series of records were created and kept by United College administrators, faculty, staff and students. Descriptions of each series are available by contacting the Archives & Records Centre.

Please note that the list below reflects an old arrangement system. Records are currently being re-examined, described and processed; therefore, these groupings are subject to change and may contain errors. We will update this list as changes are made.


UC-1: Library Regulations of Circulation; 1 volume (1958)

UC-1: Librarians' Guide; 1 volume ([1960's])

UC-2: Music Club cash book; Volume 1 (1939-1952)

UC-2: Cash book - Student Funds; Volumes 2-4 (1933-1959)*

UC-2: Cash books - general; Volume 5-24 (1948-1961)

UC-3: United Colleges Joint Executive Board minutes; Volume 1 (1926-1937)*

UC-3: United Theological Faculty minutes; Volume 2 (1930-1937)*

UC-3: Student Council minutes; Volume 3 (1936-1940)*

UC-3: Theological Society minutes; Volume 4 (1936-1951)*

UC-3: General Faculty Council minutes; Volume 5 (1938-1957)

UC-3: Senate minutes; Volume 6 (1938-1963)

UC-3: Senate Committee on the Library minutes; Volume 7 (1940-1970)

UC-3: Academic Awards Committee minutes; Volume 8 (1940-1957)

UC-3: Student Judiciary Senate minutes; Volume 9 (1940-1941)

UC-3: Music Club minutes; Volume 10 (1950-1951)

UC-4: Financial statements and reports; 1 box (1902-1965)*

UC-5: Amalgamation of Wesley and Manitoba colleges records; 1 box (1912-1938)

UC-6: Bachelor of Divinity theses; 1 box (1920-1938)*

UC-7: Collegiate Division records; 1 box (1938-1969)

UC-8: The Crowe Affair records; 2 boxes (1958-1959)

UC-9: The Gleam; 1 box (1913-1914)*

UC-13: Newspaper clippings; 1 box (1930-1931)*

UC-14: Principal's files - Dr. Graham; 1 box (1938-1955)

UC-15: Dr. Graham correspondence with the United Church of Canada; 1 box (1939-1940)

UC-16: United College Building Fund reports; 4 boxes (1947-1971)

UC-16: Building Fund cash book; 1 volume (1958-1971)

UC-17: King Memorial Fund - Principal's correspondence; 1 box (1942-1965)

UC-18: General ledgers and statistical journals; 6 volumes (1943-1969)

UC-19: Registrar's miscellaneous records; 1 box (1944-1948)

UC-20: Records of the National Appeal Campaign; 8 boxes (1956-1964)


*Records dating before 1938 were created by Manitoba and/or Wesley Colleges.