Private Records

Archives and Records Centre

The Archives and Records Centre has a growing collection of private holdings. The following is an alphabetical listing of the records of individuals and organizations that are in our private holdings. Click on the link, where available, to view a description of the records.  Please contact the Archives & Records Centre for more information about records without available descriptions.

Alphabetical Listing of Private Collections

Ashdown Company catalogues

Axworthy, Lloyd fonds

Baird, Andrew Browning papers

Baragar, Charles Arthur fonds

Baragar, Edith sous-fonds

Bedford, A. Gerald fonds

Brown, Jennifer S.H. fonds

Bryce, George sous-fonds

Canadian-American Conference fonds

CHO!CES fonds

Clay, Charles papers

Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc. fonds

Cummings, A.S. papers

Drache, S.J. papers

Dresen, Sheila fonds

Duckworth, H.E. papers

Gibson, A. Lee fonds

Graham, William Creighton and Herbert G. May papers

Hallstead, Robert N. papers

Hunter, R.O.A. fonds

Johns, Genevieve papers

King, George Brockwell papers

King, John M. papers

Kirkconnell, Watson papers

Lockhart, Wilfred C. papers

Longman, Alf & Delza fonds

Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women (MACSW) fonds

MacKay, Donna fonds

Mackay, John papers

Maurstad, Iris fonds

May, Herbert G. and William Creighton Graham papers

McHaffie, Ilo fonds

McKitrick, Edith papers

Mills, Allen papers (NDP Waffle Movement)

Moore, Margaret fonds

Newcombe, Charles R. papers

Parker, Ed papers

Pearce, Wilfred. G papers

Phelps, Arthur L. papers

Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence fonds

Racism in Winnipeg web collection

Rose Family sous-fonds

Rose, William John papers

Riddell, John Henry papers

Siemens, Lloyd fonds

Stewart, Andrew papers

Stinson, B. Harold fonds

Strang, Peter papers

Swayze, Walter fonds

Truth and Reconciliation web collection

Two-Spirited Collection

Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study fonds

Valgardson, W.D. fonds

Winnipeg Press Club collection

Wright, Raymond papers