United College Records


The following series of records were created and kept by United College administrators, faculty, staff and students. Descriptions of each series are available by contacting the Archives & Records Centre.

Please note that the list below reflects an old arrangement system. Records are currently being re-examined, described and processed; therefore, these groupings are subject to change and may contain errors. We will update this list as changes are made.


UC-1: Library Regulations of Circulation; 1 volume (1958)

UC-1: Librarians' Guide; 1 volume ([1960's])

UC-2: Music Club cash book; Volume 1 (1939-1952)

UC-2: Cash book - Student Funds; Volumes 2-4 (1933-1959)*

UC-2: Cash books - general; Volume 5-24 (1948-1961)

UC-3: United Colleges Joint Executive Board minutes; Volume 1 (1926-1937)*

UC-3: United Theological Faculty minutes; Volume 2 (1930-1937)*

UC-3: Student Council minutes; Volume 3 (1936-1940)*

UC-3: Theological Society minutes; Volume 4 (1936-1951)*

UC-3: General Faculty Council minutes; Volume 5 (1938-1957)

UC-3: Senate minutes; Volume 6 (1938-1963)

UC-3: Senate Committee on the Library minutes; Volume 7 (1940-1970)

UC-3: Academic Awards Committee minutes; Volume 8 (1940-1957)

UC-3: Student Judiciary Senate minutes; Volume 9 (1940-1941)

UC-3: Music Club minutes; Volume 10 (1950-1951)

UC-4: Financial statements and reports; 1 box (1902-1965)*

UC-5: Amalgamation of Wesley and Manitoba colleges records; 1 box (1912-1938)

UC-6: Bachelor of Divinity theses; 1 box (1920-1938)*

UC-7: Collegiate Division records; 1 box (1938-1969)

UC-8: The Crowe Affair records; 2 boxes (1958-1959)

UC-9: The Gleam; 1 box (1913-1914)*

UC-13: Newspaper clippings; 1 box (1930-1931)*

UC-14: Principal's files - Dr. Graham; 1 box (1938-1955)

UC-15: Dr. Graham correspondence with the United Church of Canada; 1 box (1939-1940)

UC-16: United College Building Fund reports; 4 boxes (1947-1971)

UC-16: Building Fund cash book; 1 volume (1958-1971)

UC-17: King Memorial Fund - Principal's correspondence; 1 box (1942-1965)

UC-18: General ledgers and statistical journals; 6 volumes (1943-1969)

UC-19: Registrar's miscellaneous records; 1 box (1944-1948)

UC-20: Records of the National Appeal Campaign; 8 boxes (1956-1964)


*Records dating before 1938 were created by Manitoba and/or Wesley Colleges.